'Layer of Beauty' A Beauty Get-Together

A transformative experience harnessing the power of self-love through the art of makeup!

Claim your seat within our judgment free beauty circle, where the essence of self-empowerment through self-love takes center stage using makeup application as a tool and inspiration. 

Witness the magical fusion of outer beauty techniques and inner beauty wisdom, seamlessly interwoven throughout this entire unique and unforgettable experience. 

Drawing from the experiences of her own remarkable journey, Lulu-Lee shares inspiring anecdotes from her career and personal life, illuminating the concept that "You can achieve anything when you believe in yourself, embrace positive thinking, execute unwavering faith, and maintain relentless efforts in manifesting all your heart's desires while looking glamorous as you do so." 

During our time together you’ll be viewing a full makeup application demonstration on a model (which can be one of the attendees) as I teach you step by step how to uncover the secrets of your beauty. We'll delve into the realm of self-awareness and self-discovery, guided towards a better understanding of ourselves inside and out, learning simple and easy to do makeup techniques for our outer beauty, while practicing fun, empowering exercises of self-development for our inner beauty.

Enhance your experience with our delightful workshop add-ons: 

Energy Card Message: Unveil a collective message of inspiration as we draw an energy card, cultivating all that we've learned, and uniting us and our connection with one another in a profound way. 

Guided Meditation: Let's get centered in this moment of blissful beauty on your journey of self-discovery, finding tranquility through a guided meditation, enriching your soul and calming your body, mind & spirit. 

Beauty Goody Bag: Indulge in a personalized swag bag filled with delightful surprises that will provide everything needed to uplift and nurture your inner and outer beauty. 

Don't miss out on this beautiful opportunity to embrace self-love, unlock your true potential, and ignite your journey towards beauty fulfillment. Book this one-of-a-kind experience for your next get-together and discover the greatness and power that lies within you!

Head over to the contact tab to fill out the form and get ready for your unique life changing beauty experience. I'm looking forward to taking part in your inner & outer beauty journey.