'Layers of Beauty' Teens- Red Carpet Ready

In a world filled with beauty influencers, overwhelming product sales and constant grooming techniques imposed on our youth from a marketing standpoint resulting in clouding our teens' personal judgment, strengthening their inner-self has never been more crucial. Therefor being equipped with the knowledge and skills to enhance their beauty confidently is essential.                

Drawing from her expertise in the beauty and fashion industry, as well as the self-development/coaching field, Lulu-Lee shares insider tips and professional insights that empowers your teen to navigate the world of beauty with confidence and authenticity. 

'Layers of Beauty' Teen workshop delves into the social impact of the brutal online beauty marketing, filters, and exaggerated, unrealistic beauty images. Your teen will hear personal experience stories and insights to help them develop a healthy relationship with social media and embrace their unique inner and outer beauty. Lulu-Lee will guide them with ease and fun through the latest beauty trends while emphasizing the importance of staying true to themselves.

This workshop focuses on skincare and makeup aesthetics and provides techniques tailored specifically to your teens' age group. Learning how to enhance their natural beauty, creating age-appropriate looks, and embracing makeup as a means of self-expression, is at the core of this beautiful workshop experience. 

At Inspirational Beauty, there is an understanding of the profound impact of social media, unrealistic beauty standards, and the pain of peer pressure. Lulu-Lee's workshop is curated to equip your teen with the tools to embrace their authentic self and build unshakable confidence. Her expertise lies in curating personalized makeup classes to suit their needs and preferences. With her guidance, your teen and their guests will embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning makeup aesthetics and techniques that align perfectly with their unique style.

Second of Three Dynamic Workshop Settings 

Red Carpet Ready: Your teen will indulge in a beauty party in which they'll be pampered with professional hair, makeup and a photoshoot. The party teen, who is celebrating the special occasion, will receive two different hair and makeup looks of their choice, while all the fun moments are being captured with a professional photoshoot, providing lasting memories of joy for them with their friends. Get ready to shine as beauty expert and Lifestyle Beauty coach Lulu-Lee glamorizes your teen and their party goers.

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"Don't miss out on this empowering opportunity to nurture your teens' inner and outer beauty. Together with your love and my professional skill set we'll prepare them to celebrate their authenticity and radiate their newfound confidence like never before."

Big party? Not a concern at all. Lulu-Lee is ready with her professional hand-picked team of artists to serve your teen and their big group of guests.

If this style of workshop is not your teens' vibe, not to worry, Lulu-Lee offers a variety of memorable experiences. Please click the images below or visit the main workshops page to view more exciting options.